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in Progress 2014 - An Annual Review of Business Success Stories and Industry Updates

Cort Munselle has engineered a dependable firm, which has served the Sonoma County area for seven years, and shows dedication to customer service, quality work and sustainability.

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Mia Munselle posts footage of a GoPro falling from a plane into a pig pen

by David Mills
in News Corp Australia Network

A VIDEO currently going viral on social media provides elegant proof of the law of gravity.

It also shows pigs are curious, hungry creatures.

YouTube poster Mia Munselle posted the 70-second clip on the site on February 9. “Camera falls from a skydiving aeroplane and lands on my property in my pig pen. I found the camera eight months later and viewed this video,” Munselle wrote in her post. Her claim has not yet been confirmed.

But is she telling porkies?

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Munselle kids

Cloverdale pig the newest YouTube star

by Derek Moore
in The Press Democrat

A Cloverdale couple was busy fielding media inquiries Wednesday from around the world after video went viral on the Internet of one of their pigs trying to eat a camera that fell from a plane carrying skydivers.

The one-minute, nine-second video depicts the GoPro Hero camera apparently coming loose from a skydiver who is preparing to jump from the plane.

The camera continues filming, recording its plummet into what turned out to be a livestock pen, where it remarkably survived impact and came to rest lens up and still recording.

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The Munselle Family

Munselle’s “GoPig” video goes viral

by Kerrie Lindecker
in Sonoma West Times & News

It’s almost unbelievable. If you heard it on the street, or didn’t know the family involved, you probably wouldn’t believe it yourself.

A skydiver about to jump off of a plane drops a GoPro camera from thousands of feet.

It hurdles through the sky, flipping and turning for almost a minute before landing, lens up, in a small pig pen.

Within seconds, you hear snorts and see a pig walk up to inspect the camera, open its mouth and start chewing on it.

The camera shuts off and sits in the muddy pig pen for eight months, before being found, so caked in mud it’s almost indiscernible.

But, the footage remains, and within days of being uploaded to Youtube, goes viral,? becoming an Internet sensation.

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